Interview: Team RWB Athlete Mike Morgan

One thing is certain about Mike Morgan, age 54, he’s a fighter. Mike retired from the Army back in December 2005 after serving the US for 24 years. As a veteran, he now works with Team RWB (red, white, blue) in Lansing as their triathlon coordinator. Team RWB is an orgnaization whose mission is to… Read more »

Make-A-Wish Dream Team Participates in GR Tri Captained by Dan VanSkiver

This year the Grand Rapids Tri’s charity partner is Make-A-Wish Michigan®. Make-A-Wish Michigan grants about one wish per day for a child with a life-threatening medical condition. Dan VanSkiver and his family are very familiar with the good that Make-A-Wish does for families dealing with the struggle of having a critically ill child. When Dan… Read more »

Team Alex – Family Races Together for Red Wolf Boy

Alex Caliguri’s family has been participating in the GR Tri for several years now. Alex, age 30, had always been part of their post race celebrations, but wasn’t able to take part in the event himself until last year. Having cerebal palsy and autism makes being a triathlete a challenge for Alex. These issues effect both… Read more »

Athena Athlete Denise Cunill

In 2012, forty-four year old Denise Cunill’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Soon after this Denise and her wife, Claire became his primary caregivers. After about six months the two of them realized that he required 24 hour care and made the heart wrenching decision to place him in a residential facility. It… Read more »

Clydesdale Athlete Andy VanDis

Kalamazoo resident Andy Van Dis, 36, races as part of the Trikats team and talks about racing as a Clydesdale. Q: What does it mean to you to race as a Clydesdale and have the National Championship so close to home? It’s awesome! I was first exposed to National Championship races when Age Group Nationals… Read more »

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