Athena Athlete Denise Cunill

In 2012, forty-four year old Denise Cunill’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Soon after this Denise and her wife, Claire became his primary caregivers. After about six months the two of them realized that he required 24 hour care and made the heart wrenching decision to place him in a residential facility. It… Read more »

Clydesdale Athlete Andy VanDis

Kalamazoo resident Andy Van Dis, 36, races as part of the Trikats team and talks about racing as a Clydesdale. Q: What does it mean to you to race as a Clydesdale and have the National Championship so close to home? It’s awesome! I was first exposed to National Championship races when Age Group Nationals… Read more »

Interview with Huntington Athlete Sarah Herman

Forty year old, Sarah Herman is competing in her very first triathlon this year at the Grand Rapids Tri, thanks to her connection as a freelance commercial photographer for Huntington Bank. Nine months ago Sarah woke up 40 pounds overweight. It was the heaviest she’d been in her life and in that moment she decided… Read more »

Amway Employee and Team USA Member AJ Herbel

AJ Herbel, age 27, is a Chemical Quality Control Scientist who has worked at Amway for five year. He began as an athlete running cross country and track in middle school and that continued through college. After graduating from Manchester College, he took up cycling and this lead into competing as a duathlete. The transition… Read more »

“Impossible Doesn’t Exist” – Interview with Scott Lacey, a Visually Impaired Athlete

If you talk to 31 year old triathlete, Scott Lacey, about how he is training for his first triathlon he sounds a little more intense than your typical newbie athlete getting involved in this multi-sport event. That could be because for his very first triathlon he starting with a Half Distance at the Grand Rapids… Read more »

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